Little Magazine Of The Month: অপর ২০০৭

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The Fifth Wall…

Kalpana Rentala Translation from Telugu (అయిదో గోడ …కల్పన రెంటాల) : NS Murty. Kalpana Rentala is a well-known Telugu short story […]


Smiling And Other Animals

Arjun Rajendran “My profile as a photographer is rather limited- for years, I was mostly dabbling: macros of eyeballs and […]


Jungle Trails

Meera Srikant “The trips up and down the jungle roads seeking the predators are a sure shot way to seek […]


Slices Of Rain

Swarna Jana “Me Swrna, comfortable in visual self expressions; interested in inclusive development of every type; believe that we all […]


Five Poems

Mihir Vatsa Mihir Vatsa is the author of the poetry collection Painting That Red Circle White (Authors Press 2014). He […]


Le Pont Howrah

Sumit Ghosh ”The sting of clicking and capturing moments bit me when I was in school. I started with a […]