Little Magazine(s) Of The Month: April 2015

অন্তর্জালের ঝঞ্ঝাটে না গিয়ে কাগজেকলমে পত্রিকা করার একটা ভাল দিক হল দিনে ক’খানা লেখায় ক’টা ‘হিট’ হল তা চেক করার […]


Ru's Painting

Ru Das “Last night – it was quite late – almost eleven – Ru was reading some stories. Did not […]


How Does Peace Work?

A conversation with Megha Malhotra How does peace work? Let us hear that first hand from Seagull Foundation for the Arts’s PeaceWorks team: […]


Poems by Nikita Parik

Nikita Parik is a 22 year old poet from Calcutta, India. She holds a bachelors degree in English from the University […]


Poems by Mihir Vatsa

Mihir Vatsa is the 2014-15 Charles Wallace Fellow at University of Stirling. He is the author of the poetry collection […]


A Three Course Meal

Rimi Rimi lives mainly online, and is devoted to mysteries, food and public health.​ Find her on Facebook for daily […]


Uncharted Waters

Prateep Chakraborty & Krishanu Dan “I have a job in Bangalore of some sort. I like to travel in uncharted waters; my […]


Poems by Souradeep Roy

Souradeep is from Calcutta. He is currently in Delhi trying to figure things out. Apart from doing that, he also […]


An Alco-awakening

Subhadeep De “I consider art to be a performance. A performance, where the illusionist conjures an image using some very […]