Debarun Sarkar sleeps, eats, reads, smokes, drinks, labors and occasionally writes and submits them.

apropos communication-scape
how a . blip
with this space
for a space
to belong
on the screen
tucked away in
codes of
reaching out
in infinitesimal

the museum storeroom
the fossils were numerically arranged in an ascending order
sorted, enumerated behind the museum glasses
They were carbon dated, and the dates
were written on tags kept in front of the artefacts
A head was reconstructed of hominids, neanderthals
and there was moisture in the air, an eerie sense of
artificial weather control to balance the dryness
inside the airtight glass displays
on a nearby table was a book on display, the
book of Jehovah, nearby the Constitution, on the
next display a manuscript with a map of
the town describing the land of 1776
in a storeroom behind the real museum
apropos ocean-scapes
the water
gravity, and wind
supposedly morphs
these scapes
ala desert-scapes
<-the boat moves->
not                   what moves?
apropos, a journey through the desert
there remains long winding road
of moss fern
and bushes
the road no more leads to the house
that was once there
it leads on and on
till you find yourself
near a pond
and wide swathe of plains
the pond wasn’t there
when the house was around
they would dig the soil
to make bricks years ago
till they hit upon a water reservoir
there remains the drinkable water
and wild fruits on the trees
you might as well spend a day or two here
before your journey begins through the desert.
apropos desert and polar landscape
the desert landscape
and moves
on its own
the landscape, sand
and machination.
i met a man who dug deep
started on a winter night
and by the summer day
he had reached no farther.
at the other end
a man lived in a tent
in the cold winter landscape
of the polar nothingness
where days and night
don’t exist as we know
bones and architecture
of yesteryears
were submerged
under the white wind
the landscapes of pure access
to the horizon has to be gambled
for a land to stand on.
apropos city landscape

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