Published through a collaboration between two literary magazines in India, Aainanagar & Vayavya, FIVE is a limited edition print of five chapbooks in a set.

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Conceptualized by Nandini Dhar and Mihir Vatsa, editors of Aainanagar and Vayavya, FIVE is the final product of a creative collaboration started two years ago among five Indian poets. In the course of its completion, FIVE saw the poets assume simultaneously the roles of a friend, a mentor, an agony aunt, and an editor to each other while developing raw manuscripts into a neat set of chapbooks. From realities rooted in provincial culture and the diaspora to the speculative and the carnivalesque, each poet brings a distinct voice to the project. FIVE, as a unique undertaking by a collective of poets on both sides of the Atlantic. breaks boundaries in more ways than one.

The series is cohesively designed and illustrated by artists Ishita Basu Mallik and Swarna Jana. Edgy, quirky, contemporary — playing on the real vs surreal, the book covers reflect the spirit of the collection. Adhering also to the same spirit of the collective, the five chapbooks are packaged as a single unit, and no chapbook can be sold individually.