All contributions are to be sent through email at and

Poetry: Please submit 3-5 poems at one time.

Fiction: We would read fiction up to 7,500 words.

We are not averse to publishing novellas that exceed 7,500. However, please enquire through email before sending us novellas.

What Not to Send: Your full manuscript. If you have been working on a manuscript of short stories, and would like us to read it, please do not send us the entire manuscript. Choose one short story from it to send to us.

Similarly, if you are working on a novel, and would like us to read it, please do not send the entire manuscript, choose an excerpt of about 7500 words and send it to us.

Non-Fiction: Send us anything up to 7,500 words.

Again, we are not averse to reading or publishing anything that exceeds the 7,500 word limit. But please enquire with us through email.

Hybrid Texts: Please enquire with us first through email.

Interviews: Please enquire with us first through email.

Translations: We would love to consider translations in all genres. While we are especially interested in reading translations from the languages in the sub-continent, we would also love to read translations from non-South Asian languages as well. You need to have permission from the author at the time of the submission of your translation.

Visual Arts: Please send us 1-5 samples of your work.

Being a practically no-profit little magazine, funded solely on the monetary and technical support provided by our friends and ourselves, we do not pay for the contributions that we publish. However, if the submission is for a print issue, we do provide a free author’s copy.