Calcutta Circa 11th Nov 2015

Debarun Sarkar Debarun Sarkar sleeps, eats, reads, smokes, drinks, labors and occasionally writes and submits them. Note: The following pictures […]


Perspectives On Nature

Soham Sarkar A seeker, an adventurer, a worker towards building up unwound meaning of life through the lens. “Nature is […]


Uncharted Waters

Prateep Chakraborty & Krishanu Dan “I have a job in Bangalore of some sort. I like to travel in uncharted waters; my […]


Greenroom Chronicles

Soumyajit An incorruptible maverick with perennial fernweh. A demented reader who finds  refuge in fiction. A thoroughbred carnivore with acrimonious […]


Smiling And Other Animals

Arjun Rajendran “My profile as a photographer is rather limited- for years, I was mostly dabbling: macros of eyeballs and […]


Jungle Trails

Meera Srikant “The trips up and down the jungle roads seeking the predators are a sure shot way to seek […]


Le Pont Howrah

Sumit Ghosh ”The sting of clicking and capturing moments bit me when I was in school. I started with a […]


Everyday Colours

Srikant Ranganathan “Life is a continuous stream of forms and moments,” says Srikant Ranganathan, a software professional with more than […]