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Varkari – A People's Festival Of Poetry, Philosophy And Spirituality

Neeraja Sahasrabudhe Neeraja believes in the power of chaos, which is why she is always caught up between the elegance of rationality and the beauty of irrationality.   (Author’s note: A lot of information mentioned here can be found on wikipedia and other sources on internet. Some of it comes from marathi film ‘Gajar’ that manages […]

B. R. Panesar – Passing Into Oblivion

Soumadeep Sen Soumadeep is a software professional and has spent considerable time delving into the world of fine arts. Currently, he resides in Bangalore with his family and is pursuing his interest in music with a band of his own.   Fine arts was not one of my areas of interest. Can’t say for certain […]

People Vs. Indianostrum

Madhushree Basu Madhushree likes to watch performances, is generally jobless, and thus in continuous bad mood. I have reasons to believe that ‘what is good art?‘ is one of those disturbing, annoying unanswerable questions, whose level of unanswerability stretches beyond questions like ‘is there a god?’ or ‘are there infinite number of twin primes?‘. Disturbing […]