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Through The Cinema Lens: Understanding The Politics Of Space In India

Neeraja Sahasrabuddhe Neeraja believes in the power of chaos, which is why she is always caught up between the elegance of rationality and the beauty of irrationality. In a little-known telefilm from the 80s (set in the 70s) called “In Which Annie Gives it Those Ones“, Arundhati Roy, who wrote and acted in it, talks about the […]

An Ancient Custom Reveals Its Purpose

Sarmishta Mani “I call myself Sarmishta Mani. I am a counsellor working to help individuals, whether children or adults, lead more effective lives, should they experience any kind of dissatisfaction with what’s happening in their’s currently. I find a lot of things inspiring, and I love it that human beings have infinite capacity for change […]

Whose Trauma Is It, Anyway?

Nandini Dhar Nandini mostly spends her time talking about things over which she has no control. What else can one do!             On August 18, 2013, CNN iReport published a brief account by a young American woman RoseChasm. Provocatively titled “India: The Story You Never Wanted To Hear,” the narrative put forth a familiar narrative: […]