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Trivarna Hariharan Trivarna Hariharan is a writer and musician from India. Her writing appears or is forthcoming in Right Hand Pointing, Third Wednesday, One Sentence Poems, Alexandria Quarterly, Birds Piled Loosely, TXTOBJX, Front Porch Review, Calamus Journal, Plum Tree Tavern, Red Bird Chapbooks, Fourth & Sycamore, Eunoia Review and others. She has served as the editor in chief […]

December 6

Sameera Khan Sameera Khan lives and works in New York. She has a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School and her work has appeared in DNA India, Rediff and HuffPost. She is usually found on twitter (@Sameera22), guzzling the barrage of breaking news in the U.S. and farrago of opinions in India.  That first Eid […]

Three Poems By Sneha S. Kanta

A GREAT scholarship awardee, Sneha Subramanian Kanta is pursuing her second postgraduate degree in England. A dedicated scholar of postcolonial literature, her work is forthcoming in Diaphanous Press, Shot Glass Journal, Brickplight and elsewhere. Immigrant Lineage   I was Ahilya standing by the Jhelum out-stretched were landscapes of shikaras and a forlorn post office.   Nobody […]


Pratheesh Ramachandran Pratheesh is a bilingual poet and artist. He has published three poetry collections in Malayalam language. His poetry installations recently featured in GUFTUGU. His poems have been appeared in Glasgow Review of books, Ink Sweat and Tears, Raum, The Bombay Review, Peeking Cat Poetry and Losslit. He Lives and works in Kerala. Stone gathered […]

Four Poems By Shambhobi Ghosh

Shambhobi Ghosh is a recent graduate from King’s College London, UK, where she studied for a Master’s degree in English: 1850 to Present. Her creative works have found places in a number of national and international journals for poetry, such as Muse India, Ariadne’s Thread, UK, Reach Poetry, UK, and anthologies such as Inspired by Tagore and Inspired […]

Three Series Of Poems By Debarun Sarkar

Debarun is currently based in Calcutta. His recent works have appeared in or are forthcoming in The Oddville Press, Cadaverine Magazine, Visitant, Ink Sweat and Tears, Dryland, among others. On writing about Surat and Childhood I I had decided to write sectioned verse about my childhood. I have been trying to write about my childhood for […]

Poems By Sahana Mukherjee

Sahana Mukherjee studies at the Department of English, Jadavpur University. Her poems have previously been published in Muse India, Economic and Political Weekly, The Four Quarters Magazine, Café Dissensus, Bangalore Review, The Sunflower Collective. . I’ve been writing down hurt, Richie — About to be a decade soon. It’s still the size of your silence, […]

ভয়ের কবিতা

সারা বসু, জয়লিপি দত্ত, জয়ন্তী বসু, নন্দিনী ধর, কুন্তল মিত্র, মধুশ্রী বসু আয়নানগর থেকে যৌথভাবে লেখালেখির প্রথম প্রয়াস—‘ভয়ের কবিতা’। কথাটা শুনতে খানিকটা মাসিক কিশোর পত্রিকার ভূত সংখ্যার মতন বটে, কিন্তু এর মধ্যে আরও একটু ব্যাপার আছে। একটি নির্দিষ্ট বিষয়ভিত্তিক লেখা হলেও এক্ষেত্রে বিষয়ের চাইতে একসাথে লেখাটাই ছিলো জোরের জায়গা। একভাবে দেখলে, এটা ছিলো আমাদের একটা […]


Joyeeta Dey Joyeeta Dey is currently working with a non-profit research team in West Bengal. She has a Masters degree in Sociology of Education from the Institute of Education, University of London and Bachelors in Philosophy from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University. Joyeeta most enjoys contemporary poetry and modern art. . Now that the times […]