Apar 2013

This is where Apar decided to stop after a journey of nineteen years. Click on the name to view the […]

Society & Politics

The Art Of Chess

Ranjeet Hegde Ranjith Hegde plays the Violin, focusing on western classical and jazz traditions. Also teaches music. Playing chess in […]



Nithya Sivashankar Nithya Sivashankar is not a poet. She finds most poetry pretentious, including the ones that she has written. […]



Kamal Lodaya A professor of computer science at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, Kamal Lodaya was an editor of the children’s science […]



Moritz Weber Moritz Weber, born 1981, lives in Saarbrücken, Germany, and by profession is a mathematician. ”I started writing and […]

Art, Review

People Vs. Indianostrum

Madhushree Basu Madhushree likes to watch performances, is generally jobless, and thus in continuous bad mood. I have reasons to […]


To Belong

Ravi Kunjwal Ravi Kunjwal believes Physics is Art. And Conference talks are performances. And poems are meant to be danced […]