Vijay Ravikumar

A short animation inspired by ‘The Moose’ – a poem by Elizabeth Bishop.


I made this animated short nearly ten years back, soon after a major storm had swept through the Northeastern United States causing the Sycamore tree near my residence to lose most of its upper branches.  The morning after the storm I filled the trunk and back seat of my car with Sycamore detritus, not wanting it to go to waste (image-search “sycamore” it and you will understand!). One branch in particular bore a striking resemblance to Alces alces, otherwise known as the North American Moose.  And this unforeseen connection between a beloved mammal and a beloved tree resonated in my mind with the work of a beloved poet, Elizabeth Bishop.  This film was an attempt to connect it all.  It is retroactively dedicated to anyone who loves the Sycamore tree, the limbo of prolonged long-distance transportation, and of course the North American Moose.

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