The Scent Of Champa

Anannya Dasgupta Anannya Dasgupta teaches writing and literatures of the British Renaissance at Shiv Nadar University. Her poetry and works […]


Suicide Notes

Dan Timotin Dan, who is supposed to be a mathematician, keeps trying to invent himself in alternate lives (in one of […]


Her Mother’s Daddy

Sucheta Dasgupta Sucheta. Short story writer. Sees the world through the three lenses of freedom, history and dream. Horror is […]


Poems By Nikita Parik

About the poet: Nikita Parik is a 22 year old poet from Calcutta, India. She holds a Bachelors degree in English and a Masters […]


The Levitation Machine

Suprio Bhar Suprio is an introvert, atypical Bengali. He spends most of his time in the fantasy-lands of J. R. […]



Neera Kashyap Neera Kashyap has worked as a newspaper journalist and on environmental, social and health research & communication. As […]


These Young People

Meera Srikant “Life has given me a window to relish every moment. It offers not just interesting sights, but opportunities […]


Poems By Manasa R.

Manasa writes because she has so much to tell. Until quite recently, she was only a reader. Now that she […]


The Wind's Asshole

Dan Timotin Translated by Dan from the Romanian folktale Borta vântului, which has been collected by Mihai Eminescu (poet, novelist, […]


Perspectives On Nature

Soham Sarkar A seeker, an adventurer, a worker towards building up unwound meaning of life through the lens. “Nature is […]